Protect Your Assets, Protect Your Life

Looking for more common insurance policies?

Protect Your Assets, Protect Your Life

Looking for more common insurance policies?

Not Your Everyday Insurance!

Even though certain businesses, vehicles, and other things may seem common to you, there is a wide array of insurance policies that cover more unusual risks. At Tolar Agency, we are happy to provide these niche insurances to customers around the Fayetteville, NC, area.

Some examples of miscellaneous insurance include farm insurance, Powersports (ATVs/ dirtbikes), and umbrella policies.

Don’t see the insurance coverage you’re looking for? Call us. You may be surprised!

Farm Insurance

Whether you are a local grower or a large cultivator, we understand the value of insuring your greatest asset. At Tolar Agency, Inc, we are dedicated to providing the agricultural coverage and services you need to keep your farm or ranch protected – so you can focus on maintaining a smooth operation.

We know that you work hard as a farmer, and we want to extend that same courtesy to you by keeping your farm and everything on it insured. Our insurance specialists are sensitive to your individual needs and will work with you to find a policy that best suits your farm or ranch.

Fayetteville, NC farm

Designing a specific policy with us gives you the options of coverage in the following areas:

 Crop Insurance
 Farm Owners Insurance
 Farm Livestock Insurance
 Equine Insurance
 Farm Equipment Insurance

 Farm Dwelling Insurance
 Farm Structures Insurance
 Farm Auto Insurance
 Farm Umbrella Insurance
 Farm Liability Insurance

To have your farm or ranch properly analyzed and quoted for insurance, call 910-323-4613.

Powersports Insurance The Road Less Traveled

Ah! The great outdoors. Many of our clients here in Fayetteville, NC, are avid outdoor enthusiasts. Our clients come to us to insure their ATVs, dirtbikes, motorhomes, and many more because they know that our agents and the companies we represent can help!

Off-road vehicles are often subject to accidents that are the fault of the operator, and that’s ok! We want you to enjoy your new toy, but we always want to protect it because accidents happen. The most common “Powersports Vehicles” in the insurance world include:

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)






  •  All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  •  Motorhomes
  • Motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • Boats
  • Snowmobiles

Need Tolar Agency to insure one or more of the vehicles above? Call us today to get started!

Insurance agent with miniature model of home, family, and car

Umbrella Insurance

This type of insurance is for anyone that has many assets. An umbrella insurance policy is an extension to your liability policy on your personal or commercial insurance policies.

Say that you own a relatively expensive home and run a successful business. Your 16-year-old just got his license, and the policy on his vehicle is under your name. He gets into an accident and causes damages over $1M, and is 100% at fault. Now, your home and business are at risk of being taken away from you.

This is where an umbrella policy would come in. Umbrella policies usually start at $1M of coverage, and coverage limits can go as high as our clients need. We are happy to sit down with our clients, discuss assets, and determine the correct amount of coverage you need from an umbrella policy.

Protect your livelihood. Call Tolar Agency today to schedule an appointment with one of our agents to discuss umbrella coverage in more detail.


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